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Durafit is the new name for On Steam, the 100% breathable microfiber with the appearance of genuine leather. It has a moisture absorbing capacity of 8 times its own weight. It provides maximum comfort, total dryness and thermoregulation. Sweat does not accumulate inside the shoe, instead the fabric conducts it to the outside allowing quick evaporation, thus creating a dry and comfortable environment for the foot.

All features that make Durafit so special

Washable (at 95 °C without shrinkage or loss of properties)
High moisture absorbing-desorbing
Wide range of colors and delivery forms
High tear strength
Perspiration and rubbing fastness

100% recyclable
Stable material thickness
Higher production efficiency
Oeko-tex standard 100

Durafit is available in more than 25 colors

Durafit is available in a wide range of delivery forms

Durafit can be personalized with different printing techniques


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Durafit is a registered
trademark of Frecoma